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Lila:     Sandra Bullock…OMG. That goes to show you can hide from the paparazzi. Shocker.

Beatrice:     Isn’t it cool? She is so amazing and I love that she has a very cute distraction while going through a divorce.

L:     It’s times like this for her where a distraction is needed. Good for her.

B:      I woke up today and heard it on the Today Show and the media acted like how dare she have a secret and keep something like this from us.  Meredith V.  even congratulated the rep with People Magazine for getting the interview and breaking the story.

L:     That’s where I heard it, too. Like we said before, celebrities can find privacy if they really wanted to. Just because they became famous does not mean they are not entitled to some privacy. I know some of them seek the attention, but some don’t. And those like Sandra Bullock who don’t, should not have to go to through their rough patches in public. I know I am interested, but I think we should back off.

B:      I am even more interested in how Jesse James thinks that he will one day prove to her that they can be a couple again. She will hopefully one day find her princess charming and never look back.

L:     I think Jesse James is delusional. Like Tiger, we will never look at them the same again. Both are dumba$es.

B:     I so thought he was cool at one time too, but still thought it was an unlikely combo.


Lila:     Oliver and I just had the weirdest conversation. He was telling me that all men have hair in their butt crack. Ewwwwwww. Did you know that? He said some men shampoo the hair there because otherwise they have dingleberries stuck there. I always thought that was joke. Not a fact. Did you know this about men?

Beatrice:     Yes I did know this, as there are also women who have this waxed. This is definitely a disgusting topic. Can’t help but think of all the hairy men that don’t bath down in that area. YUCK!
L:     I am just shocked by this information. I always thought it was a joke and not real. Oliver told me the men’s locker room was filled with hairy men in ALL places. Really? Women don’t have hair in their crack. So gross.
B:     How can this shock you? If people can grow hair all the way up their back it is bound to be in other places. I have spoken to my eyebrow waxing gal about her waxing experiences and places she has had to wax, and she told me that between the buns for women is actually more common than you’d realize.
L:     NOOOOO Way!!!! Women have hair there, too? I had no idea. I have not seen too many naked bodies so that is why I am shocked. I just did not think there were hair follicles there. So weird. If I told my mother, the person who asked why American women did not grow facial hair, there was hair growing there, she would just pee in her pants as she was laughing.
B:     Now you have to tell her. Look, there was a girl in my high school that had a full-blown mustache and she was not American.
L:     Oh boy. I did know a girl who shaved everyday like a man. I hate hair. I just cannot believe it grows in people’s butt crack.
B:     I saw an episode of “The Girls Next Door” where Kendra talked about bleaching that area before the wax. She stated it was the thing to do before a photo shoot. I am pretty sure this is the exact conversation I had with Brooke my waxing gal.
L:     So wrong.

Lila:     Did I tell you about my recent episode of Dawn? I ran into her in March and we talked about doing something with the girls. She said she was going to send out an e-mail, but that was two months ago. Anyway, she finally organized something and it is conveniently during her birthday month. I got kind of annoyed because she never talks to us and then conveniently does it because she wants us to celebrate her birthday. Anyway I told Elizabeth and Kayla that I did not want to partake in the birthday gift because I did not want to spend $50 on someone I do not consider as a friend anymore. Kayla was nice enough to tell me that they will take her out separately for her birthday. Do you think I was in the wrong for this?

Beatrice:     No, you are not in the wrong. It is not like you were that close with her to begin with, or at least that is how I saw it. Dawn is a strange girl, she is a chameleon. I knew her 10 years ago and she was totally with it, then she comes back from Boston and weirdo is all I can say. She doesn’t really care to be your friend, and seems to always be out of it when you are with her, so why bother.

L:     I know. That’s what I told myself. She is a superficial friend: a person who is a friend when it is convenient for her. But at the same time, I feel like I should not give up on her. We are on such different wavelengths, but I hate to give up. I am one of those people who does not have a lot of friends. I cherish every few ones that I have. I know a lot of people come and go in my life, but when it comes to my true friends, we just pick up where we left off. But I hate giving up.

B:     As I have gotten older, I don’t try as hard. I tend to make friends easily, but I don’t go out of my way anymore. I have realized that even some of my once called really good friends have ups and downs and I just roll with it. What I focus on now is whether or not the person are good for me. If it is toxic, I don’t partake.

L:     I don’t think it is toxic. I just think it is fake and do not have time for fake.

B:     That is toxic to me, why do you have to wonder if she is being authentic or fake. If you have to put too much into it, then it isn’t worth the effort. Look what she did to her ex fiance. She has some major issues.

L:     I know you are right. I was just checking to see if I made the right decision.

Beatrice:      So Saturday night was date night for hubby and I. We went to dinner and to see the movie “Date Night.” We don’t go on many dates, but we plan to change that. We had a really good night, and the date didn’t feel awkward or should I say we didn’t feel like strangers. I remember when we went on a date after a year of having Brody, we both just stared at each other. I remember talking to Ann about this and she said that she has had the same experience. I think it is a reminder to all married couples that have children, that you have to spend quality time with your spouse, and alone time. We don’t want to have the kids go off to college and then we look at each other and go who are you.

Lila:     Oliver and I go out on a lot of date nights lately. We have one scheduled for the 7th. I guess we did not wait that long compared to other couples, so it did not feel weird when we went out. Sometimes we go to the movies. Sometimes we just have dinner. It’s fun. Things will never be like before we had Thomas, but it’s nice to have a time with him. To be honest, we do a lot to spend time together. He is my life partner.

B:     I think this whole layoff thing with Toolman has really shed some light on a lot of things. We have always spent a lot of time together, but not alone. He was not the nicest person to be around this past 6 months and there were many of times I would lose it on him and tell him things needed to change or we will have major major issues. He was just really short with everyone and angry all the time. I had no idea it was all because of things going on at work. Literally the weekend before he was laid off, I told him he better figure out what is wrong with his moods because I wasn’t going to put up with it. He then gets laid off and his whole demeanor went back to himself. We go out ona  date and it becomes evident that there was a lot more going on at work than I realized. I knew he was really unhappy with work, but it appears to be a blessing that they released him. He and I had a heart to heart and he said all of this opened his eyes to what he will never go thru again.

L:     It’s amazing how something will really change you. Obviously in this case, it was for the better. I know having a long-term relationship requires a lot of work. You get comfortable with each other and you do things you do not even realize that you are doing. I am glad that you guys got a chance to talk it out. Things like that can eventually break up a couple.

One of the things we do is make sure Thomas goes to bed at a decent hour so that we can have time for each other. It works really well because we get to stop for a few hours and enjoy each other. For example, on Saturday we had wine and cheese and good conversation.

B:     That use to work for us too, but our children are at the ages where they have every excuse in the book to not go to bed. I have to go to the bathroom, now I am hungry, and oh now I need to brush my teeth and Mom I am thirsty now. Never ending. So our bedtimes get pushed further and further out just to have “us” time. We have decided to take a Friday or Saturday, every other weekend to have a date night.

When I was young my parents went out every single weekend, on a Friday and they made it fun for us too, so we didn’t feel like we were being dumped off with the babysitter. They have been married since August of 1969, and obviously doing something right.

L:     Thomas is getting there. He tries to protest and whines a bit, but we just shut him down. I am hoping he will not begin to protest to badly. Yikes.

My parents were not very loving so they never went out. My brother and his wife never go out with just each other. I think they took their first trip away from the kids last August after 11 years or something. Oliver and I are planning to go to Europe for his 40th birthday. We promised each other that our lives will not be just about Thomas.

B:     I think it is healthy for the kids to see you are still loving and want to be with each other. I know I never questioned my parents love for one another. They weren’t the touchy feely couple, but they respected each other and showed their love in other ways. Brody was so excited that his parents were going on a date night, which made us laugh.

L:     Ahhh…cute. Thomas loves it when we kiss. He loves it when we do “group hugs.”

B:     As do our kids. Although Toolman always says I am his mommy not theirs and they get all worked up. Of course it is all in fun.

Lila:      We need something to talk about. I am soooo out of ideas.

Beatrice:     We can discuss: the immigration legislation passed in AZ,  or how my manager just asked me what I thought about the draft (was humorous). 

L:     I sent you something but we can do this as well. I know nothing about the draft. I don’t understand why some people hate the Tim Tebow pick and some think it is a good choice.

B:     I think he is hot.  Which is what I told my manager too.

L:    Really? REALLY?! I think he is funny looking.

B:    No way, he is hot.

L:    He’s got a funny nose. I think he is better than Orton, but he ain’t no Tom Brady.

B:    He is perfect to me.

L:     Okay…. I don’t see it, but okay.

B:    Like the all American boy.  Ha ha

L:     I guess he is not my version of the “All American boy.” Looks like a big meathead to me.

B:     I only said that because that is what was written about him.  By the way I have always been into the meatheads.  I would say that is Toolman, but he is actually smart.  🙂

L:     Oh, okay. Do you really like him though?

B:    Yes

L:     Alright. Then I will remember to not make fun of him and his looks around you.

B:     What would you have to say about him?  I only think he is good looking, could care less about the rest of him.

L:     I would make fun of his looks. Hee hee.

B:     I am so glad we now have a photo of him on the blog.

L:     Haha. Why?

B:     Because I love him.

L:     Ha ha…NO!!!! You do not!

B:     It is funny. I have to tell you that I was reading this to Toolman just now, and I told him that I am attracted to meatheads, and how I married one.  He said, “OMG you think I look like a meathead,” and I laughed.  He immediately let me go.

L:     He had to have known he looks like it on the outside. He totally isn’t a meathead though. Maybe a superficial meathead.

B:     Believe me I tried telling him that he is not a meathead inside, just appears to be on the outside.  He said whatever and laughed at me.


Lila:     I just watched the second Eclipse trailer again and I cannot wait to see it in the theaters. I love how the three movies are so different because of the three directors. Just like the movies, I love how the two trailers for Eclipse are so different.

In the first one, the trailer was focused on the love triangle. The colors were warm and the sceneries were pretty. In this second trailer, the focus is on the battle and it looks ominous. I really love the action stuff. I love how Alice flips over the werewolf. I love that Jasper is so intense. I love the running the forest. And most of all, I love the darkness around the movie. I cannot wait!!!

Beatrice:     Wouldn’t it have been great to be part of the pre-screening on this movie. Wish we could go to the premier. Again we are obsessed.

L:     But just like a few months ago, we still don’t know anyone who can get us there. Your brother is the closest person we know to a celebrity. What can we do to get him to get us in? I want to go so badly.

B:     He is not connected to anything Twilight and pretty sure he would take Grace. When I first watched the clip I could not figure out who these people could be walking up out of the water. I so need to reread the books to refresh my brain. I love the wolves and how big and strong they look. June 30th is not that far away.

L:      OMG! What do you remember about Eclipse? LOL. They are the newborns. They did not walk out of the water, but there were a lot of them. I cannot wait to see how they are going to show the communication between the werewolves. That should be interesting.

B:      I remember the scene in the book where they consummate their marriage. I remember the tent scene, the marriage, and pretty much anything to do with love. The newborn vampire parts were not why I loved the series, and pretty well read quickly thru those areas, much like I did with the Volturi scenes.

L:     Eclipse was not my favorite book because like you, I loved the love parts. I just know I spent the whole book annoyed with Jacob. But we already covered why. I am still so excited to see the movie in June.

B:     Yes, Eclipse was a long book, but I still wanted more.

Watch the Lane Bryant video here.

Beatrice:     The model looks amazing, but Fox and ABC do not want to air the commercial as it is deemed to sexy. PAAAALEEEEZZZZZZ.

Lila:     Is she really that big? I think not. So she is not smaller than a size four, does not mean she is too big for TV. It’s our Christina Hendricks argument all over again. Shame on you ABC and Fox.

B:     Maybe it proves a point that this so called plus size woman is tooooo sexy for their show. She caught my attention, and I thought wow, now that is a beautiful women. Most people will think so too. The A-hole(s) that are dictating what can be aired are probably salivating when watching the commercial much like they do when watching rated R material and therefore they deem it as too risky.

L:     Well, I think the Victoria Secrets commercial are pretty sexy. Girls dancing around in their underwear. Close-up of boobies. That’s pretty risqué. I think maybe they want the controversy of not airing the commercial. I just think there are a lot of inappropriate things on TV. Pamela Anderson wearing almost nothing and gyrating with her partner is one. But they’re not banning it.

B:     Oh I totally agree, and can’t figure it all out. I just asked Toolman who he’d prefer on the television and he totally knew what we were discussing. He said hands down the woman in her bra who looked to be a size double D and killer body. I seriously doubt the two networks would be getting any complaints.

L:     I am sure they get complaints about everything. People always find something to complain about.

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